Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to the A Couple Reviews Blog, we thought we should start our first post out with a little about us and our choice to start this blog and the corresponding youtube channel.

I'm Gwen and together with my husband Will we are dedicated to reviewing the everyday products we use in day to day life. Will and I are across the spectrum in many areas, He has fine hair and I have course, He has dry skin and I have combination etc etc. We thought this gave us a unique prospective on many of the things we use. We often find its the test of if a product is really great when it works well for us both.

That sparked the idea, we wanted to tell people about the things we really loved and the things that just didn't quite work. We are hoping our reviews and opinions will be entertaining, informative and help people make more informed decisions on the items they spend they're hard earned money on.

We plan to do video reviews together as a pair for items that we both use/have used. Then periodically Will and I will post individual reviews here for a bevy of household/beauty/clothing/health items.

Feel free to request reviews of anything here or via email
Thanks for reading, we hope we can keep you coming back. Plz consider subscribing to Our Youtube Channel.

-Gwen for A Couple Reviews


  1. Love the concept that we shall have reviews from both of you. Looking forward to reading /watching future reviews!

  2. @beachdriven Thanks so much, Glad to have ya aboard. Might have to badger you into doing a guest review sometimes. :D

    1. Id love to provide my 2 cents. Of course you know my 2 cents will probably ramble on to 3the cents worth. Lol